RRRL13b: Companion Ritual/Meditation to Episode 13 to Connect To Your Client Before Reiki Sessions

This ritual/meditation is done when you have a client you are going to see, and is best performed at least 15 minutes before they arrive. The meditation itself is about 10 minutes long, but the total length of the meditation and ritual, is about 15 minutes long. 

 This meditation/ritual  will help develop psychic abilities, and help you center and ground yourself into the Reiki energy before your client arrives, and it will also help you serve your client’s in a more  profound, and refined way.

Before beginning this meditation, you will need to clear your space and aura in your preferred way. This is very important, as you do not want any other energy interfering with any messages you get. 

 Also, you will want to have a paper and pen handy.

Practice, practice, practice! You may not get much information on the first try, but the more you do this before your client’s appointments, the easier things will flow, and the easier it will be to hear the messages you need to hear in order to serve your client in the highest good.