RRRL14: Aloha, from Beautiful Maui, Hawaii! Are You a Halloween Fan?

Aloha! This is a very short episode today, as I am here in Maui, Hawaii, for work and for pleasure. I am filming ocean footage for some of the meditations from my podcast to publish on to Youtube. This is my first time ever visiting Hawaii, and I am having a blast with my two dear friends, Gaby and Teresa!

In this episode, with the gentle, rolling surf in the background, I ask you to let us know  if you do or do not like Halloween, and why. I give my reasons in this episode,  as to why I do not enjoy Haloween anymore, and ask all listeners to please send me an email to: realreikireallife@gmail.com, or go to my website at: www.realreikireallifecom and submit a voice mail with the recording widget on my website, of why you do or do not enjoy Halloween.

I am offering a free, 45-minute distant healing Reiki session for those who respond, in a drawing which I will announce on the November 1st, 2016  episode. Thank you for participating! The unique, interactive part of this show is made possible by listeners like you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3