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Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing Online Course

Tuning Fork Sound Vibrational Healing

Reiki Practitioners! Learn and Become Certified in Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing!

Do you want to take your Reiki training to the next level? Imagine taking your Reiki training to the next level, by adding more POWERFUL tools to your existing reiki toolbelt! Upon completion of this course, you will be able to offer yourself, and others,  POWERFUL sound therapy utilizing chakra tuning forks and  your existing reiki training! Class is accessible and optimized for all mobile devices, PC’s, and MACS!


Save over  $20 on tuition! For a limited time, this course is available for over 20% off and tuition starts as little as  $77.  This amount is an introductory only price for the next couple of weeks, and will go up to $119 (certified version)  without notice. See further below for purchasing options.


This course is taught by Patricia Keane, certified Reiki master in over 4 Reiki styles, and many years of experience teaching students. Patricia is also the host of Real Reiki Real Life, Real Spirituality, a weekly radio show podcast.

Subsribe to our podcast - Real Reiki, Real Life, Real Spirituality

This course is powerful, fun, and easy for anyone attuned to Reiki, with at least Reiki level 1 training,  or Reiki Level 2, or higher training is preferred, to fully utilize this course. In this course, you will learn how to give full sound healing sessions utilizing the healing frequencies of chakra tuning forks.


Free Bonuses

As a limited-time special, and  introductory bonus, I am offering the following, as FREE bonuses to this course:

Check MarkFREE instructional online video and written instructions on basic sound healing using Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls.

FREE instructional online video and written instructions on sound healing using the healing frequencies of drumming.

FREE Chakra Affirmations and Mantras for each chakra, as well as the best crystals and essential oils to use with each chakra as a complementary addition to your Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing sessions.



In this fun, easy, educational, and informative course you will have:

Unlimited Online access, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Over 17 instructional ONLINE Videos demonstrating each concept taught.

A full ONLINE manual explaining the history and science of sound healing using tuning forks.

Ease of learning, while going at your own pace, at times and dates that work for YOU!

Check out the class outline further below on this page, for a full list of everything you will learn in this course.


Check out this video, for an introduction to this course, and what you will learn:


Also, check out my sample introductory video on giving a 60 minute, Sound Vibrational Reiki session here, to learn more about this course. This sample is taken directly from the online video you will learn from  in this course.


Check out Everything You Will Learn in This Online Course, in the Class Outline! 

*Intro to Tuning Forks (written instruction)

*History of Tuning Forks (written instruction)

*Use of Tuning Forks Today (written instruction)

*How to Strike Your Tuning Forks,  with full written instructions, and instructional video.

*How to Hold Your Tuning Forks, with full written instructions, and instructional video.

*The Genesis Tuning Fork, with full written instructions, and instructional video.

*How to Use the Genesis Tuning Fork to scan the aura, with full written instructions, and instructional video.

*The infinity symbol, it’s history, and it’s use in Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing with full written instructions, and instructional video.

*Chakra 101 with FREE bonus on which essential oils to use in each chakra, as well as which stones to use in each chakra, as complementary tools you can utilize during your Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing. (written instruction)

*Care of Your Tuning Forks (written instruction)

*The four elements, and information regarding their use with tuning forks, and health issues. (written instruction)

*Weighted tuning forks, and what they are used for, with full written instructions, and instructional video.

*Aura 101-learn all about the auric layers and how to clear all 7-8 layers with the tuning forks, with full written instructions, and instructional video.

*Utilizing The Perfect Fifth, an incredible healing sound frequency that helps restore balance to the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels of the body. Learn all about the perfect fifth, how to use it in your Sound Vibrational Reiki sessions, as well as very important scientific facts about the perfect fifth, with full written instructions, and instructional video.

*Using the Usui Reiki symbols in your Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing Sessions, to help amplify the healing frequencies of the forks, with the powerful reiki energy. Includes full written instructions, and instructional video.

*How to do a full , self-healing session with written instruction and demonstration video.

*How to do a distant healing session using Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing. (Yes, you can do this distantly!)

*How to do a full, 60 minute Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing Session, with full written instructions, and instructional video.

*How to do a  full, 90 minute Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing Session, with full written instructions, and instructional video.

*How to clear and charge stones and crystals with your tuning forks, and full written instructions, and instructional video.

*How to clear stuck, dense, lower vibrational energy from a room, with full written instructions, and instructional video.


Although the primary focus of this class is on Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing utilizing  chakra tuning forks, I have included a few FREE bonuses that give basic overviews of the following:

*Chakra affirmations and mantras with written instructions.

*How to play Quartz crystal singing bowls, and incorporating them into your Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing Sessions, with full written instructions, and instructional video.

*Utilizing the power of the healing frequency of the drum, with full written instructions, and instructional video.


There are two different versions of this class, that you may register for, to best meet your needs:

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  • $77 for uncertified version. This version is mostly for the Reiki practitioner who plans on using this course for mostly themselves, or on family and loved ones. No certificate is awarded in this version. Please see further below for information on purchasing your tuning forks, as they are not included in this course.
  • $89 for certified version. This version is the same as the uncertified version, but it includes a beautiful, PDF Sound Vibrational Reiki Practitioner certificate emailed to you upon completion of the course, and passing a 30 question quiz at the end of the course, with a grade of 80% or better. This version is for the serious Reiki practitioner, who practices professionally, or plans on practicing professionally, and wants to proudly display their certificate, as a way to show potential and existing clients, your achievements and qualifications in Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing. We do not use the word “online” or “online course” on our certificates! Please see further below for information on purchasing your tuning forks, as they are not included in this course.



You will need to purchase an 8-piece harmonic tuning fork set, and a Genesis tuning fork prior to starting this course. Please buy the best quality forks you can afford, because there is a big difference in sound! For this course, your set should include:

C-256 Hz. Root Chakra and Earth Chakra

D-288 Hz. Sacral Chakra

E-320 Hz. Solar Plexus Chakra

F-341.3 Hz. Heart Chakra

G-384 Hz. Throat Chakra

A-426.6 or 426.7 Hz. Third Eye Chakra   

B-480Hz Crown Chakra

C-512 Hz. Soul Star Chakra  (We don’t use this fork very much in this course, and you can do with out it if you’d like, because this might not be included in some harmonic fork sets. If yours does not come with this, you can purchase it separately.)


It appears there are two schools of thought out there as to what the proper frequencies are for use in the chakras. In all my studies, and the sets I learned and currently teach from, are the frequencies listed above, which is the harmonic tuning fork set.  Please purchase forks with those frequencies above. You might already have a chakra tuning fork set, or accidentally purchase one with different frequencies than listed above. If your fork set is listed differently than above, I have not conducted studies as to how these behave in the chakras. You are certainly welcome to use these sets if you already have them, and they should work well for use in this course,  but please keep in mind that the hz (hertz, or frequencies)  listed throughout this course, will be based on the harmonic frequencies above.  

Here is a professional quality,  harmonic tuning fork  set I own, and highly recommend: I know this set is expensive, but please note, you do get what you pay for in the quality of tuning forks, so please invest in the best quality you can afford.  NOTE: Throughout this course, I will refer to the harmonic tuning fork set as a chakra tuning fork set for ease in distinguishing between the forks and the chakras.  

If you do not buy from these links, try to buy a set made in the USA if at all possible, because the aluminum alloy (in my experience, and in other publications on the web) used in the forks made in India, are not the same high quality as the USA ones. You will pay a little more for forks made in the USA, but when it comes to tuning forks, you do get what you pay for.

The Genesis tuning fork is not included in any chakra tuning fork sets, and needs to be purchased serparately. Here is the Genesis tuning fork I recommend:

If you are on a budget, you can certainly purchase any other less expensive harmonic tuning fork set out there, or  the following student fork set. Please keep in mind you will eventually want to upgrade your set, as this student set is not as high of a quality as the forks above, and the sound isn’t as full or loud. They will get you by though, until you can purchase the more robust forks above. These forks are made in India, and are not USA made.

What is NOT included in this course:

*All tuning forks and chakra tuning forks used in this course, and any other sound healing objects used in this course.

*Reiki attunements. You MUST be attuned to Reiki, or at least Reiki level 2 (preferred) to fully utilize this course, as no Reiki attunements are given.


Patricia Keane


Dear Potential Sound Vibrational  Reiki Healing Student,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing! You are about to embark on learning a wonderful, beautiful and unique modality of combining Reiki energy, with the incredibly healing frequencies and energies of tuning forks.

At the time of this publication, I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher in four styles of Reiki. One is Usui Holy Fire 2 Reiki, Chikara Reiki Do, Traditional Usui Reiki, and ­Vibrational Reiki. I have a PASSION  and LOVE  for teaching Reiki, and other modalities, such as drum healing, crystal quartz singing bowl sound healing, etc.

In Vibrational Reiki, the original method I learned, all three levels of traditional, Usui/Tibetan Reiki are taught together with learning how to use Reiki with the tuning forks, which in my opinion, was a bit too much to learn all at once.  If I had not been a well-seasoned Reiki practitioner, and  already learned all levels of Reiki before taking the classes, it would have been information overload.

Although learning Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing is easy, if you try to learn Reiki on top of it, it is too much, and can be overwhelming. Because of this, I highly recommend learning at least Reiki level 1 and  2 first, and getting experienced with the Reiki energy, before pursuing adding in any other kind of modalities into your Reiki practice, including using sound therapy from tuning forks.

When I became a certified Reiki Master teacher in this style of Reiki, I fell in love with this method of Reiki, and so did my clients! Pretty soon, I had students and clients begging me to teach them this style of Reiki as soon as they experienced a healing session with it. I knew I didn’t want to teach as I had learned, which was teaching all levels of Usui Reiki at the same time and combining that with the tuning fork therapy.  It was too much, even for me, and I was already an experienced, Reiki Master Teacher at the time.

So, over the course of 9+ months, I decided to perform hundreds of sessions on my clients and willing friends, to gain much-needed experience and feedback before I could even think about teaching my first Vibrational Reiki class! I didn’t want any overwhelmed students, so I also completely re-wrote the manuals I had learned from, to target my teaching specifically those already attuned to Reiki.

After my initial period of learning Vibrational Reiki, and documenting 100’s of sessions with what I felt worked, and what I felt didn’t work, I began teaching this class to my Reiki students in a group setting  in June of 2016, and soon had potential students from in and out of state, asking if I could teach this course distantly. I figured I might as well re-write this manual again, from the ground up, and different from my original format, which was targeted to in-person group classes, and target it for distance, online learning, to satisfy this need.

The following course is a result of several 100’s of hours treatments on clients, students, and friends,  then 100’s of hours more re-writing the manual again for online use, then  100’s of hours  of more treatments, and combining the results from my client sessions with my knowledge of Reiki, as well as the 100’s of hours that have gone in to filming this class, and editing the videos for use. I wish to thank my wonderful I.T. husband, for being absolutely amazing and taking care of putting in 100’s of his hours into creating and doing all the nerdy coding stuff into an online class, to make this course possible.

I have named this course Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing, and it has been a wonderfully exhausting labor of love! My intent is that this course, instructional videos, and online manual,  will help bring you even more healing  frequency, light,  and joy into your life, and into the lives of those you treat.  And, lastly, may you always remember to journey in light, and serve with love!

Many Blessings,

Patricia Keane

Certified Reiki Master Teacher                                                                                    Click Here to Register Now