Reiki Class Testimonials

Reiki Class Testimonials

“No words can express the life changing experience I had last weekend.  A few days have passed since, and the realization that my life is now different has sunk in.  I thank all of those who attended the class as they contributed to the experience. My sincerest gratitude and appreciation to Patricia for not only passing on the gift that is Reiki, but also for the selflessness of her soul.  She is not only an amazing teacher, but an amazing spiritual mentor as well.  She has truly found her calling and I know she will continue to touch the lives of others as she did mine.” –Teresa R., Clinton, UT

“Patricia Keane is an amazing, kind, and wounderful teacher. She will take the time to make sure you have all the tools you need. If there is something you don’t understand, she will find another way to make it clear so you can understand. She will give you all the knowledge you need to be amazing at Reiki. I could not recommend a better teacher than Patricia! If you want to learn about Reiki as well as to be able to use it, well she is your gal.” – Laura Nattress, Woods Cross, Utah.

From a blind student I taught privately:­

 “I’ve only known Patricia for a little while, though our connection regarding working with each other was strong. I had felt that I could be open to her, and express my concerns in a safe environment. I took the ART/Master course from her, and I enjoyed my experience. She was able to adapt to my needs, and I was able to help her understand how to help me. I would highly recommend her to others. She’s a high quality teacher of Reiki, and I have enjoyed my time with her.” –Veronica H. Dallas, TX­

­”Patricia taught my 7 year-old daughter Reiki 1 yesterday. I couldn’t be happier…My daughter absolutely loved her!  She is usually very shy around people,  and also very active.  She felt so comfortable around Patricia’s energy that I was amazed..

Patricia is very gifted and knows how to talk to children to keep them interested and excited. She was the perfect teacher!

I decided to have Natalia learn Reiki because she has seen results and was very excited about learning more so she can heal herself and also practice it on her beloved dog and cat.

I noticed today her spirit was so calmed, so relaxed and just extra sweet. She was able to concentrate a lot easier, and there was just something about her energy. I feel like all the negative emotions she was carrying these last couple of months were cleared. She is so excited and happy to learn more and practice Reiki more often. =) Thank you Patricia. I have no words.” -Gaby N. Salt Lake City, Utah