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Patricia is excited to announce her move to a full-time office in Orem, Utah!  She will still be seeing her Millcreek clients on a very limited basis. Please contact her at: 801-669-1484 if you need to schedule an appointment in Millcreek. 

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Patricia Morris

 *Utah Licensed Massage Therapist/Bodyworker

*Usui/Holy Fire reiki master and teacher

*Trained in PTSD/trauma massage/bodywork and special needs massage

*Specializes in clinical pain relief

*Co-host of the popular “Real Souls, Real Spirituality, Real Connection” podcast*

*Public Speaker

Mindful Schools Certified Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner and Educator


Graduate of:


Patricia is dedicated to offering you the best of the best at your appointment. Here is what you can expect at your healing sessions: 

Your session is all about YOU. Patricia offers expert, professional,  intuitive,  compassionate bodywork, and energy healing services, such as reiki, cranial sacral therapy, and reflexology. Patricia cares about your comfort and safety  during your bodywork/massage or energy work session, and believes communication between her and the client is ESSENTIAL for client satisfaction. Because of this, she will  regularly ask you are comfortable,  if the pressure used needs to be adjusted, and will listen to your needs.   She strictly adheres  to all state and federal laws in regards to professional bodywork services. This means all linens and equipment used  are completely sanitized according to health code laws. This also means NO SEXUAL conduct of any kind will be tolerated, and proper law enforcement will be immediately notified.

Included in every on-site session:

Dedication to excellence and client satisfaction.  We truly honor and  care about you, your health, comfort, safety,  and helping you feel better!

 Customized, aromatherapy using the highest quality doTERRA certified therapeutic grade essential oils.

Don’t like massage music? No problem! You are welcome to bring your own playlist on your phone, and listen to that on our bluetooth speaker during your session.

Heated table (upon request) and soothing, comforting, piping hot towels with aromatherapy placed on the neck and feet, with a mini foot massage!  Clients love this service during the cold, winter months!


At every appointment with Patricia, you will be greeted professionally, warmly, and compassionately. She will conduct a 10-15 pre-session interview to work with you in formulating a customized treatment plan. Patricia is passionate about creating with you the ideal,  safe, comforting, and  healing environment, and it is evident in every service she provides. She prides herself on  the level of comfort,  care, dedication, compassion, and  attention to detail,  she gives to all. She is a professional healing facilitator through and through, and loves helping people feel better.



My Mission

“To help empower each client with love, non-judgment, healing, compassion, warmth, and dedication to the highest in quality bodywork and energy work services.”


About Patricia


Patricia prides herself in giving the the highest quality massage, bodywork,  PTSD massage, and energy work to clients. She also works part-time providing massage to homebound,  special-needs clients, and is contracted  through the Utah Department of Health in providing special needs massage to high-needs children and adults  with Down’s Syndrome,  paraplegia, quadriplegia, and other critical medical needs. Patricia absolutely loves and adores each of her clients, and helping provide love, compassion, empathy,  comfort and pain relief to this population is something that gives Patricia great satisfaction and meaning in life! Patricia is a professional, natural-born,  healing facilitator  through and through, and  was born and raised in Southern California. She currently lives with the love of her life; her awesome husband  in Northern Utah.  She is dedicated and enthusiastic about helping  others in discomfort or pain through massage, energy work,  self-improvement, personal development, and inner healing. She walked away from the corporate world after over 25 years to fulfill her calling of being a healing facilitator in helping others on their life journey.  She feels her mission in life is to serve other people in pain.

Patricia develops a session with clients in working with the body, and not against it, by a gift of  completely and intuitively tuning in to her clients during bodywork  and energy work sessions. Patricia has ADHD, and a superpower of hers because of ADHD,  is being able to hyper-focus and completely tune in to her client’s bodies during sessions.  Because of this, all of her clients have remarked how “she just knows” where to help them with their pain.  Patricia says because of ADHD,  she “becomes one” with her clients during sessions, and “giving bodywork or energy work is like a meditation in and of itself, because I get so absorbed and tuned in to listening to the client’s mental, emotional, and physical bodies. This allows me to be able to work with the body in a completely wholelistic/holistic,  intuitive and focused way. Because of this, you will never get a cookie-cutter massage from me! ” This means she does not do a “one size fits all” type of massage, and no session will ever be the same as previous ones.

She graduated from Cortiva Institute (formerly Utah College of Massage Therapy) is now a Licensed Massage Therapist, and is excited to be able to help clients heal through even more powerful tools! Neck, shoulder, arm, hand,  and back pain are her specialties, and many clients seek her specifically for the excellent work she gives to those areas. 

Patricia suffered much trauma and tragedy throughout  her childhood and adult years, and feels these trials helped serve her to become a more compassionate, non-judgmental, empathetic, loving, and caring individual. It was through daily meditation, counseling therapy/EMDR , massage and bodywork,  that she was able to help process, integrate, and heal the past.  She believes something interesting that comes from struggle,  is the powerful lesson of compassion. When we go through major struggles, we  become very intimate with pain, and the shadow. At some point we begin to see this pain in everyone else, and it is then that our heart is filled with compassion and love for the struggle and burdens we all carry, and our desire then becomes one to help change our world for the better.


Absolutely no  sexual advances of any kind will be tolerated during ANY treatment sessions, and proper law enforcement will be immediately notified in the event of any sexual misconduct. 


What is Intuitive Trauma Release Bodywork and Massage?

Intuitive Trauma Release Bodywork and Massage is a bodywork modality that Spirit has guided Patricia in developing. Scientific studies prove that we can store our emotions during trauma into our physical bodies, and this can result in chronic pain. Somatic releasing is advised by the psychology field to help free these emotions in easing,  or in some cases, healing chronic pain. Intuitive Trauma Release Bodywork and Massage, is designed with this recommendation in mind. 

Patricia is still developing this type of work with Spirit, and for a limited time, these sessions will be offered by donation only.

Because of the nature of this work, a client absolutely needs to be in a healthy space mentally and emotionally to be able to handle any intense emotions that might come up during, or after, the session. Prior, or current therapy with a mental health therapist is highly, and strongly recommended before beginning this type of work. This is to ensure that the client has the necessary emotional tools and support available,  to be able to engage in self-care, during, and post-session.

Here is what to expect at your session:

Sessions are about 120 minutes, and this includes at least a 30-minute consultation with Patricia prior and post-session. She will have you sign a release of liability intake form, and will explain in detail what to possibly expect during your session. After all questions have been answered by the client, and if the client feels ready to proceed, the session will begin.

Patricia understands, and can empathize, that some traumas, like sexual abuse, can make a client uncomfortable working certain body parts. No private areas will ever be worked, and physical privacy is highly respected, as well as required,  by law. The client must be in an emotional space to be able to undress and expose the body parts which will be worked on. Clients will be draped with a blanket and sheet, and the only body parts exposed will be ones which will be worked on. 

During the session, Patricia will perform a light to medium pressure massage on the area to be worked, in order to prepare the muscles and tissue for the bodywork. Utilizing her education with massage therapy and the physical body, as well as using Spirit, she will be guided to places of trauma in your body that are contributing to your physical pain. Because some emotions are buried deep within the body, it can take some time to work through the muscles and tissues, layer by layer, until the areas Patricia senses and feels the trauma, are released. This is done through guided visuals and breathwork with the client, while Patricia massages, or presses into these places, until they are released. Patricia works together with Spirit, and  the client,  in tuning into their body after the work is completed, to determine if the areas of trauma have been released. Depending on the type of trauma, or the nature of the trauma, this can often be relieved in one, or several sessions. 

Any other questions? 

Patricia is happy and enthusiastic  to answer any and all questions not addressed here, and is happy to discuss any concerns you might have, in order to promote just the kind of massage or bodywork you need/want. 


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