RRRL13: Caller Q and A: Wanted: Reiki Tidbits and Tricks!

In this episode, we feature one of our listeners who left feedback asking for a show topic on Reiki tidbits and tricks that  listeners can’t live without. I share my top 3 tips of very many, that I cannot live without in my Reiki practice. Stay tuned to the next episode, Episode 13b, for the companion meditation/ritual of what I talk about in tip 1 and 2.

In the second half of this episode, I share a personal, inspiring  story of mine where I was taught a great lesson by someone most people would consider as rude and crusty. Do we have people we perceive as rude and crusty, in our lives? If so, what do they have to teach us? Are things about them really what they seem? Stay tuned to listen, to get tidbits of information on what these so-called rude and crusty, people  have to teach us.