RRRL11: Overcoming Societal Conditioning and Judgment, If You’re an Overweight Healer, or a Healer With Body Image Issues

In this episode, I have a discussion with two very dear friends of mine, on a subject I believe is a very important one. This is the subject of, “Overcoming Societal Conditioning, Self-Judgment, and Judgment You Might Happen to Feel From Others, If You’re an Overweight Healer.”

We also discuss other aspects of body image, and offer tips and guidelines to hopefully help love and inspire anyone who suffers from poor body image.

As a bonus to this episode, stay tuned at the very end, where I include a blooper of all 3 of us, which will hopefully add some laughter to a very serious topic. This blooper was recorded at the very beginning of the episode, and took us over an hour to reground after experiencing it. I hope you enjoy it!

Also, as I do with many of my episodes, I offer a free, guided meditation for reiki practitioners, with modifications for those not attuned to reiki, in helping to heal and free yourself of poor body image. Please check out that free, powerful companion meditation, utilizing the healing energy of reiki, and visualization. It will be posted on the following episode. This is one meditation you do not want to miss!