What to Expect During a Traditional Reiki Session

What to Expect During a Traditional Reiki Session

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Sessions are between 60-90 minutes, and  we offer a full service menu of aromatherapy catered specifically to you, and will possibly incorporate the use of crystals, sound bath therapy using singing bowls, chakra balancing tuning forks,  drums, etc. if that is your preference. Your Reiki session will be tailored and unique to you, based on what Patricia intuitively picks up on. Because of this, every Reiki session is different, and no two sessions are the same. . Here is an example of what a session could possibly consist of:

1) You arrive at your appointment, and soft, relaxing music will be playing in the background. Consent to treat paperwork is filled out by you.

2) A short consultation is conducted with you, to go over all paperwork, and answer any questions you may have.

3) You lie down with shoes off, fully-dressed, onto the Reiki  table. You are made as comfortable as possible with the use of pillows, bolsters, etc. If you opted for aromatherapy, your favorite oils will either be diffusing into the air, or applied at pressure points like the neck, wrists, nose, or affected areas of the body, or both.

4) After grounding and centering myself, I start the session, and do a short, guided,  five minute meditation to help you fully relax and enjoy your Reiki session. I typically open with a drum healing session, then move into using the chakra balancing tuning forks.  After that, I then will  place my hands on different areas of your body to send the warm, relaxing Reiki energy to your body.  (See my FAQ’s tab at the top of this page for more information on this.) I will maintain hand positions on your body between 3-5 minutes each, or longer, if I feel that particular area needs more Reiki energy. Meanwhile, your only job during all of this is to completely relax, enjoy, and let go! I might even use advanced Reiki techniques to clear out stubborn energetic blocks to facilite healing on all levels.

6) During the treatment, I may feel inspired to use a drum or singing bowl to facilitate the treatment. Again, this is something that is only used based on your preferences, and only if other tenants in our building will not be disturbed by the sound. So, we may or may not use them, depending on that. (Please see my FAQ’S page for more information on these extra and lovely tools.)

7) After about 60-90 minutes from the start of your appointment time, I will conclude the session by having you slowly sit up. I will ask how you feel, and you may feel free to share any thoughts of how you felt during the treatment. I will also go over any information I intuitively picked up from your energy field with you, and offer a mini coaching session depending upon what I found. I love to hear how you feel, so please share any experiences that you feel comfortable sharing!

8) You will be brought Reiki-infused water to drink. Just like after a massage, hydration is key for several hours after energy work! Please drink as much water as you can after every treatment!

9) Congratulations! You are done! May you feel completely relaxed, de-stressed, refocused, and ready to take on your day! May love, light, and all things bright and beautiful find you on your way today, and always!