Private Reiki Classes

Learn Reiki Reiki Membership Association Professional MemberLevel 1 privately, alone, with friends or family, at a date and time you choose!

Perfect for: The student who wishes to practice Reiki on friends and family. This class is also perfect for those who prefer private, one-on-one teaching, and those who wish  to have one or more friends or family (up to 6)  to learn along with them!

In this intensive,  3-4 hour private session you will learn:

*Brief history of Reiki
*What Reiki is and how to give you, your loved ones, plants, animals, etc. a full Reiki  treatment session. Complete demonstrations, as well as giving a full Reiki treatment to yourself, will be taught.
*A full Reiki level 1 attunement will be given. This means the Reiki energy will be passed on to you, from me, and enable you to begin using Reiki immediately.
*Because this class is so condensed, a full, 179 page manual with almost everything you will need to know as a Reiki 1 practitioner, will be given.
*Traditional Japanese Reiki techniques that were once lost to the Western World.
*Brief introduction to chakras, and how to clear chakras with Reiki.
*This session will qualify you to move on to Reiki level 2, if you feel guided to. I do offer private Reiki 2 classes, as well as group Reiki 2 classes. Please see the Reiki 2 private class information below:

The fee for the 3-4 hour intensive, private class, per person, is $200. This does include a class manual from The International Center of Reiki Training, (a $28 value) of which, I am a certified Reiki Master teacher. Each additional person who attends the session/class with you, is only $100 extra, per person. This would be a great way for entire families to learn Reiki together, or a group of friends who wish to learn together at a time and date that is convenient for them all. No longer to do you have to wait for a class to become available at a date and time that is not convenient for eveClick Here to Register Nowryone! Class will be taught at my Lehi location, or possibly your home if prior arrangements are made.  You pick the time, date, and location!



Prerequisite: Reiki level 1. Although many students take this class to further enhance their Reiki training, this  class will also enable you to practice Reiki professionally if you choose to.

In this intensive, 3-4 hour private session you will learn:

*All about the three Reiki 2 symbols, and how to use them in your Reiki practice.

*Full Reiki level 2 attunement

*How to charge crystals with your Reiki symbols

*Clearing your home, space, and treatment area with the Reiki 2 symbols

*How to do a long distance treatment that is just as effective as an in-person treatment!

*179 page manual if you did not take Reiki 1 with me. (Please bring your manual if you took Reiki 1 from me.)

*Certification through the International Center for Reiki Training

The fee for this private, intensive, 3-4 hour professional practitioner level is $300. Most people take this class to greatly enhance their Reiki practice, and to add more powerful tools to their Reiki toolbelt. Taking this class will also qualify you to practice Reiki professionally, if you choose. Click Here to Register Now