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 Patricia offers distant Reiki sessions only. She  still teaches Reiki. Please call or text  to arrange this.
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Patricia Keane

Student Practitioner of Massage Therapy/Bodywork, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Acupressure

(Licensed Massage Therapy expected graduation date: 10/2018)

*Intuitive,Certified Reiki Master Teacher in 4 Reiki styles*

 * Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor*

*Spiritual Mentor and Counselor*

*Certified Graduate of the Dr. Michael R Smith Empath Academy*

*Host of weekly podcast, Real Reiki, Real Life, Real Spirituality*

International Center for Reiki Training. Certified Reiki Master TeacherReiki Membership Association Professional MemberVibrational Reiki Certified Reiki Master TeaacherMindful Schools Certified Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner and Educator


Student Practitioner



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My Mission“To help teach, serve, love, uplift, awaken,  and inspire others to realize their Divine inner power within….and to step into that power. No matter what life has thrown at you, YOU have the power to create a happy and fulfilling life.”

About Patricia

Patricia was born and raised in Southern California, and has lived in Northern Utah  for 20 years,  with her husband of  22 years. Together, they have five angel babies in heaven, and one utterly spoiled fur baby, Travis.  She is passionate about self-improvement, personal development, inner healing, and has an insatiable thirst for learning new things. She feels her mission in life is to love, inspire, serve others, and help them to be happy by helping them awaken to the Divine power they have within. Patricia is also a student practitioner at the Utah College of Massage Therapy, learning not only massage, but other energy healing modalities such as Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, Acupressure, etc.) Her expected graduation date is October 2016, and she will become a Licensed Massage Therapist and Bodyworker at that time! Stay tuned for those services in October of 2018! facebookprofilepic

Patricia is  very empathic and intuitive, and her friends describe her as a very happy, loving, nurturing, compassionate, and caring individual. You will find in any of your sessions and communications with her, that she truly does love and care for all those who cross her path! She thrives on diversity, and welcomes anyone from any background into her life.

Patricia has suffered a lot of trauma throughout  her childhood and adult years.  In her adult years, it  started  shortly after marriage when  she found out she was infertile. Many, many  years went by with unsuccessful fertility treatments, and several failed adoptions. Eventually, many surgeries helped her to finally become pregnant. Sadly, each of  her five  pregnancies  ended  prematurely, and those babies were called back home. Anger, bitterness, depression, sadness, resentment, and a negative state of living and being  became the norm in her life at that time during those dark years.

After 15 years of battling infertility and pregnancy losses, in February 2011, her life completely transformed and changed when she hit rock bottom as  she lost her last angel baby, Michael. Many sacred and spiritual experiences accompanied his loss, and she gives all credit to him, God, and the angels, for helping her clean up her life, and turn it around. Four years ago, Patricia and her husband  finally decided  after 16 years of trying to have children, to move on with life. Since then, she has devoted her life to the service of others, and feels she was given these tough trials in life as a way to teach her some very important life lessons that she never would have learned. She feels it is often when we  hit rock bottom in our lives, that  healing and transformation as to who we are, and why we are here, and what we need to do while we are here,  takes place. Patricia is so grateful to be able to give back to God/The Universe, for all the healing that has taken place in her life, and is devoted to helping others find healing and peace in their own lives. She believes life is  amazingly beautiful, and it is her hope to inspire her clients to awaken the Divine within, to remember who they are, so they can fully awaken and be the best they can be!

Meditation is also huge in her  life. She studied to become a certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor, and leads meditation groups, as well as produces free meditations in her weekly podcast. Meditation, Reiki, and other natural , spiritually healing modalities played a huge role in her healing transformation, and meditation alone helped her get off medications she was taking to manage anxiety and depression because of the trauma she had experienced. She  believes  111% in the healing power of Reiki and meditation, and practices meditation, prayer, grounding, and clearing,  at least 1-2 times a day to help keep her empathic  soul happy and healthy! She believes all the trauma and trials in her life have put her in the perfect position to help counsel others, and has begun classes to become a certified spiritual counselor, and will be offering these services to her clients in the future.

Patricia thanks God/The Universe everyday for the abundance of blessings in her life, especially for the calling of being able to help others on their spiritual healing journey.  Gratitude for all she has  been blessed with in this life is something she makes sure to express regularly because as she says,  without gratitude, our souls are never truly happy.

Service is also very important to her. She loves to give back to the community with free Reiki circles/treatments to the public,  can be found about 2-3 times a month practicing Reiki with other Reiki practitioners in a night of Reiki,  as a service to help those in need. Since she is a Student Practitioner of Massage Therapy, and other energy work modalities, and  loves working for free to practice  on people who need it the most!

She firmly believes Reiki should be available for all people and backgrounds, regardless of income! As a result of this,  she offers scholarship programs for the level one Reiki class to those in true financial need. She also taught the Reiki Master level as a public service  to her very first blind student in a private session! Her student was unable to find a Reiki Master/Teacher who would teach her because of her blindness, and when Patricia heard about her plight, she  knew without a doubt, that her student  NEEDED to get her master training!  Her student has gone on to teach other blind students the beautiful art of Reiki, and has helped countless blind people to become powerful Reiki practitioners and teachers. The ripple effect that has been created for both the blind and sighted  community is endless!  Patricia feels it is an absolute honor it to be able to pass this gift of helping others along their life path!