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 Patricia specializes in head, neck, shoulder, back, arm, and hand pain, and  is currently offering in-person or out-call massage and reiki services to existing clients, for those she knows, or by invitation only . Please see our scheduling page for booking details. Distant reiki sessions are available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Patricia also teaches Reiki to anyone who wants to learn.
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Patricia Keane

 Licensed Massage Therapist/Bodyworker

*Intuitive, Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher in Seven Reiki Modalities*

 * Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor*

*Spiritual Mentor and Counselor*

*Certified Graduate of the Dr. Michael R Smith Empath Academy*

*Host of weekly podcast, Real Reiki, Real Life, Real Spirituality*

*Teacher and co-founder of Reiki, Metaphysics, Personal Development, and Spirituality at “The Art of Healing Institute and Clinic.”

International Center for Reiki Training. Certified Reiki Master TeacherReiki Membership Association Professional MemberMindful Schools Certified Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner and Educator


Graduated October 2018




By popular demand! Patricia is excited to offer out call services to established clients, friends and family, or by referral only. Book an affordable, out-call service today, and enjoy the ease and convenience of a massage only, reiki only, or combined reiki/massage service in the comfort of your own home! Patricia also offers distant reiki sessions to clients all over the world. Please see scheduling page for more details.  


Patricia is dedicated to offering you the best of the best at your appointment. Here is what you can expect at your healing sessions: 

Expert, professional,  intuitive,  and compassionate massage, bodywork, and reiki/energy healing services customized and tailored to YOUR specific needs and requests! Bodywork is performed as deeply as you need, or as light as you need! Your session is all about YOU, and everything is completely tailored to YOUR therapeutic needs and YOUR requests!

Dedication to excellence and client satisfaction.  We truly honor and  care about you, your health, your comfort, and helping you to heal and feel better!

FREE Customized, aromatherapy using the highest quality doTERRA certified therapeutic grade essential oils.

FREE Soothing, piping hot towels placed on the neck and feet! Clients looooove this option during the cold and dreary winter months! (Service not available at out-call appointments.)

Heated, soothing sheets  for that absolutely  incredible “ahhhhhh” feeling! (Service not available at out-call appointments.)

High-end linens that simply feel wonderful on your skin, for more of that “ahhhhhhhhh” awesomeness. (We use the best of the best,  COMPHY high-end linens!)

Candlelight, a warm fireplace, and a safe, soothing, welcoming atmosphere. (Service not available at on-call appointments.)

Don’t like massage music? No problem! Bring your own playlist on your smartphone, or have it ready at your out-call appointment,  and Patricia will happily play your playlist on her bluetooth system during your session! Your session is all about YOU and the music should be, too!

At every appointment with Patricia, you will be greeted warmly, professionally, and compassionately. She will conduct a 10-15 pre-session interview to work with you in formulating a customized treatment plan based on YOUR needs and YOUR desires. She is passionate about creating the ideal,  safe, comforting, and  healing environment, and it is evident in every service she provides the level of comfort,  care, dedication, and compassion, she gives to all. She is a professional healer through and through, and loves helping people feel better.

My Mission

“To help  facilitate healing, on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels,  and to  teach, serve, love, uplift, awaken,  and inspire others to realize their true Divine inner power within….and to step into that power.”


About Patricia

Patricia is a professional, natural-born  healer  through and through, and  was born and raised in Southern California. She currently lives with the love of her life; her awesome husband of  over 24 years in Northern Utah.  She is passionate about helping  others heal through massage, Reiki/energy work,  self-improvement, personal development, and inner healing, and walked away from the corporate world after over 25 years to fulfill her calling of being a healer.  She feels her mission in life is to teach, love, inspire, serve others, and help them to be happy by helping them awaken to the Divine power they have within. Patricia started her healing career by helping clients through the power of energy work and Reiki. During her sessions with clients, she would often feel the need to massage or manipulate muscle tissue to help facilitate healing, but could not do this because it was outside the scope of practice.  She evolved as a healer even more when she decided to go back to school,  and add  bodywork and massage therapy to her healing toolbelt. She graduated from Cortiva Institute (formerly Utah College of Massage Therapy)  is also now a Licensed Massage Therapist, and is excited to be able to help clients heal through even more powerful tools! Neck, shoulder, arm, hand,  and back pain are her specialties, and many clients see her specifically for the excellent work she gives to those areas.

Patricia also teaches personal development in the form of developing and practicing Reiki/energy work at a healing/holistic school she helped co-found. She currently teaches at that school,  in   Salt Lake City, Utah, at The Art of Healing Institute and Clinic.  Reiki, energy work, psychic development, intuition, meditation, metaphysics, and spirituality are all classes she teaches.


Patricia suffered much trauma throughout  her childhood and adult years, and feels these trials helped serve her to become a more compassionate, empathetic, loving, and caring individual. She had to hit rock bottom before she woke up and began the journey of healing herself of all the pain and trauma she experienced. It was through daily meditation, Reiki, counseling, and massage that she was able to help heal her past.  She believes something interesting that comes from struggle,  is the powerful lesson of compassion. When we go through major struggles, we  become very intimate with pain, and then at some point we begin to see it in everyone else. It is then that our heart is filled with compassion and love for the struggle and burdens we all carry.

Why all this talk of compassion? When someone has love and compassion for others in their hearts, it translates into how they view themselves, others, and the world. This comes out in every aspect of their lives, especially in the services they provide. When we have love and compassion in our hearts, not only for ourselves, but for others, our clients can feel this, and it directly affects our clients through the healing services we offer. Our approach is one of love, compassion, non-judgment, and understanding. This gets translated in the professional and therapeutic healing touch of massage, bodywork, and Reiki,  we as healers give.

Patricia thanks God/The Universe/The Creator(s) and her spiritual guidance team  everyday for the abundance of blessings in her life, especially for the calling of being able to help others on their spiritual and physical healing journey.  Gratitude for all she has  been blessed with in this life is something she makes sure to express regularly because as she says,  without gratitude, our souls are never truly happy.

Service is also very important to her. She loves to give back to the community with volunteer bodywork/massage/reiki to those in need, and can also be found about 2-3 times a month practicing  Reiki with other Reiki practitioners in a night of Reiki for those who are recovering from drug addiction,  as a service. She also practices a free,  healing, distant, Reiki meditation for anyone who might need it. Please email her at: patricia@essentialseedsofchange.com, with your name, the City, State, and country where you live, and she will include you in her collective, daily,  distant group reiki sessions at no charge to you.


Online classes are now here for Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing!

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